STIR: Volume One – Book Only £5 Jan27


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STIR: Volume One – Book Only £5

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STIR: Volume One is now available to buy! Get your hands on a limited copy of our first published collection of articles and artwork.

At a moment when alternatives are not obvious to all and most responses to austerity are all too predictable, this crowdfunded collection of articles and interviews from the first years of Stir Magazine — looks at how inspiring and innovative groups are taking cooperative and community-led ideas from the margins to the mainstream.    

Simon Critchley discusses practice and theory and the importance of the Occupy Movement; Raj Patel argues that we should be demanding the world we can live in and not the world that the food industry can accommodate itself to; Derek Wall presents gift and commons-based economies as alternatives to the Market/State duopoly; David Bollier looks at how we can stop the private plundering of our common and public wealth; Nina Power analyses a decade of protests and riots and argues that we should be actively seeking to overturn a system that makes them necessary; Marianne Maeckelbergh is excited by the rise of horizontal decision-making in Occupy but looks at the problems with the process; Glyn Moody reviews the battle between copyright and the internet and the responding digital militancy; and James John Bell and J Cookson explain how campaigners need to move past sounding the alarm and into effective solutions.

The book also features David Boyle of The New Economics Foundation, Brian Van Slyke of Toolbox for Education and Social Action, Naomi Glass and Clare Joy of OrganicLea, Megan Saunders of The Real Food Store, and Guppi Bola and Bethan Graham.

More than 160 people were involved in getting this book authored, edited, illustrated, designed, crowdfunded and published.

Artwork by the JustSeeds Artists Cooperative, the Occupied Times’ Alex Charnley, radical illustrator Edd Baldry, and many others.

Edited by Jonny Gordon-Farleigh and Abby McFlynn of Stir Magazine.



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